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LED and SMD Products


LED & SMD are extremely efficient and long lasting lighting. If you want to save money off you electricity bills then a good idea is to look at installing LED or SMD lighting.

SMD and LED lights do not contain mercury, produce UVrays and do not explode unlike Compact Fluro Lights (CFL's).

They do not get hot (you can touch them while they are on) this eliminates fires in roofs caused by hot lights.

Our SMD products have a life span of around 50,000 hours. This is equivelant to leaving these run continously for over 5 years.

Our 3.5 watt globes uses 5% of the electricity of a standard 60watt light bulb.

We are asked what is the difference between a LED and a SMD globe. SMD are the latest version of LED. LED are Light Emiting Diodes where a SMD is a Surface Mount Diode.

SMD's are generally brighter than LED's. Both LED's and SMD's give a yellow light at lower intensity.  SMD's give off a white light (similar to sunlight at higher intensity).

12 volt globes require a transformer(driver) to operate, our 240 volt globes DO NOT need a driver.

Our SMD drivers can run up to three 12 volt SMD or LED globes (off one switch) and so we are able to provide fantastic prices.

Three (3) SMD or LED globes and one (1) driver           $63.00 including GST
Two   (2) SMD or LED globes and one (1) driver           $48.00 including GST
One   (1) SMD or LED globes and one (1) driver           $33.00 including GST

We have SMD globes to fit in exhaust fans, cabinets and to replace flourescent tubes. We also sell light fittings (see below).

Our SMD globes brightness are equivelant to around 28watt hallogen light. A general guide is if you have 3 x 35watt hallogen globes, to get the same light intensity/brightness you will need four of our SMD globes. Electricity use:  3 x 35 watt Halogen=105watts   4 x 3.5 SMD= 14watts


GLOBES - 12volt 

                         3 watt LED                                                  3.5 watt SMD                              4.2watt SMD       
                    $17.00each                                                    $17.00each                                 $17.00each

    3.5watt SMD           12v SMD/LED Driver
        $17.00each                 $17.50each

- 240volt

    2.5watt SMD               5.5watt SMD            4.2watt SMD

       $9.00each                 $18.00each            $17.00each


               Round Adjustable  $3.50 each                                               Square Adjustable  $3.50 each


                Round Kits  $36.00 each                  Square Kits   $36.00 each


LED and SMD Products