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Solar DC Circulation Pump
We have a range of 12 volt Solar circulation pumps.

What makes our Solar or DC circulation pumps special ?

Our pumps have soft start up feature that means the pump can be run by a solar panel or powered by a  8 - 24 volts DC power supply. Not too many pumps give you this flexibility.

The body of the pump is made from hi-temp food grade Ryton Plastic.

                           15 watt  10 watt & 5 watt                           
     Prices $84.00 each including GST with free standard postage


*  Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller runnung on a ceramic shaft
*  Static impeller runs from magnetic drive technology, leakage is something from the past
*  Long life brushless pump, 30,000 hours life expectancy
*  Heavy duty work, can sustain continual 24 hour work loads
*  DC brushless motor with energy efficient technology by micro processor
*  Soft start at very low in-rush current
*  Quiet operation
*  Low or no maintenance
*  Low power consumption
*  Automatic dry-running protection
*  Automatic overload protection
*  Automatic over-temprature protection


*  Voltage: 8V-24V DC (Standard:12V DC)
*  Max Flow Rate:    15 watt - 11.5 L/min    10 watt - 10L/min         5 watt - 8.5L/min
*  Max Water Head: 15 watt - 3m               10 watt - 2.3m             5 watt - 1.4m
*  Brass 1/2" BSP / NPT male Inlet/Outlet
*  Max system pressure: 10Bar
*  Max working temperature: 110°C (230° F)
*  Pump weight 340 gms

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Solar DC Circulation Pump